About Us

Na lu

Our Story

My story started with my mom, Lu-Cynthia Hayden Brown also known as “Mama Lus”. She was the best cook I knew, and to this day I aspire to be just like her. She was the most creative cook and baker in our home town. Islanders near and far would ask my mom to bake or cook for their special events, holidays, weddings, and funerals.

Mom's Love

Mom’s love and passion for cooking has been passed down to her daughters and sons, and has permeated through our entire family. Many of us have taken on the love of being in the kitchen and making people happy through food and the togetherness that can only happen when people sit down to eat. I have developed that same passion for cooking, and it comes naturally for me. I LOVE being in the kitchen, I communicate through my pots, pans, sauces, spices, and dishes.
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My Love Language

Putting a colorful plate of food in front of someone is my love language. It is the perfect combination – the love I have for people partnered with my gift of cooking. I get to share this love of food preparation with the world, and I plan to continue serving one neighbor at a time, until as many people as possible have felt what can only become Mama Lu’s legacy and her ability to make people happy through heart warming Jamaican cuisine and of course, a little love.

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